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I didn’t go to school for photography. I didn’t study books about apertures and measurements of light.

What taught me, and continues to teach me, is my obsession. 

From that first, life-changing introduction back in 7thgrade, I’ve poured over magazines and made every time I hold a camera an opportunity to discover more.

Whatever I’m working on, whether a job or a personal project, I always challenge myself to take at least one photograph that’s unlike anything I’ve shot before. These, inevitably, are the images that people remember, that win the awards, that change and touch people’s hearts.

And ultimately, this is my reason to be.  To capture moments in such a way that they speak to far more than a single instant framed in time. And are instead an experience. A garnering of the senses. An interaction that embodies a feeling that means the viewer is no longer the person they were before. A moment that transcends the mundane, and opens doorways to Connection.

Because I believe we’re privileged to be living in an era that demands unprecedented change. There’s never been a more potent time to reach through whatever it is that disconnects us—from ourselves, each other, the beings and creatures and the planet—and discover expansion.

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